Solar Trickle Chargers and Why You Need One

What exactly is a solar trickle charger, and what are the benefits of using one?

  • A trickle charger is a small solar panel directly connected to your RV, car, truck, or boats battery. By constantly supplying a charge to a vehicles battery, you eliminate the discharge that occurs from periods of inactivity. A vehicles battery can lose a significant amount of charge just by sitting idle and not being started on a regular basis.
  • Extremely important for vehicles that sit idle for winter or don’t get started  often, these devices are great investment. With a solar trickle charger you will never be left stranded or stuck with a dead battery again.
  • Trickle chargers extend battery life considerably! By constantly supplying a charge to your batteries in your vehicle at all times, a solar trickle charger has been proven to extend your battery life by up to 3 times. The key to extending battery life is to reduce the number and level of discharges. Keeping your vehicles batteries constantly topped off and charging them even during use, drastically reduces the amount of discharge.

Solar trickle chargers and batteries purchased at the same time are eligible for a 30% tax credit from Uncle Sam! Considering the savings from having to replace costly batteries, and the piece of mind that a trickle charger provides, this technology practically pays for itself!

Your recreational vehicles are big investments, a smart inexpensive addition to them not only saves you a lot of money, but provides piece of mind that anyone can appreciate!

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