Solar Golf Carts and The Bottom Line

What are the benefits of converting a golf cart to solar and how much money can I save by converting ?

Solar golf carts can dramatically increase your bottom line while increasing the carts range, all while enjoying the benefits of “going green”.

Saving green by going solar can be achieved a number of ways.

  • The costs associated with charging vehicles can be reduced by up to 20%. These costs can amount to 1.00 to 2.00 dollars per day for some owners.
  • Solar golf carts can dramatically increase battery life. By reducing the depth of discharge, the number of charging cycles is significantly increased.
  • Eligible tax credits include the costs of panels and batteries when purchased together.

Solar golf carts also increase your vehicles range.

  • For every hour your cart receives a charge in full sun, you add an additional mile when driven on a flat terrain.
  • By converting your golf cart to solar, you can make sure it lasts past 18 holes and when you put the cart away at night it will already be charged!

While saving money and increasing range are important factors when considering a switch to solar, let’s not forget the biggest reason clubs and owners are making the switch everyday. The environmental benefits of going green! By lowering emissions, club and cart owners are doing their part to keep our communities clean, all the while enjoying the benefits of “green” advertising and local media attention. Why not make the switch today and convert to a solar golf cart!


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