Lensun 100W 12V Flexible RV Solar Panel Kit with 10 Amp Controller, and 2pcs 5M MC4 cables

100W  Flexible Solar Panel charge kit, including 100w solar panel, 20a mppt solar controller, 2pcs 5m cables and connectors


100W 12V Mono Semi-flexible solar panel with aluminium back sheet

1. Made with an aluminium back sheet, It is more resistant to high temperatures than PET back sheet. This material also combines better with ETFE film than PET back sheet, which other panels frequently contain. This mix of technology and craftsmanship makes this one of best quality solar panels available today.

2. The first layer of the solar panel is made of ETFE. Imported from Japan, this material has a very high sunlight absorption to reflection ratio. Other branded flexible solar panels often use PET, a cheaper alternative, which reflects significantly more sunlight than ETFE and thus reduces the solar panel’s energy output. ETFE is a much more expensive and higher quality material than the PET. Almost all flexible solar panels on the market today now utilize cheap PET.

LENSUN solar panels are one of the best quality high-efficiency flexible solar panels for use with RVs, marine yachts, mobile homes.

Say goodbye to PET flexible solar panels.

Performance of ETFE vs. PET
Material ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Combination Ultra lightweight and durable. The combination between ETFE and back sheet is much stronger than PET. Combination of PET and back sheet cracks easily, is not durable, and also not waterproof.
Thickness(mm) Includes a 0.025mm thin, UV resistant, layer of protection. Total thickness less than 0.1mm. 0.15mm thick. Solar cells break easily due to low hardness.
Light transmission 95% transparency offers excellent efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion. 90% to 93% transparent results in lower efficiency in terms of light to electricity conversion.
Surface adhesion ETFE has non-adhesive surface properties. Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain. Adhesive surface often gets covered with dust or other debris, significantly affecting the output of solar panel.
Lifetime Lifetime of 10 years. Resists aging, deteriorates slowly. Lifetime of at most 5 years. Easily forms air pockets and peels off.
Corrodibility Highly resistant to seawater corrosion. Not acid and alkali resistant, making it totally unsuitable for use in marine environment.
Flammability Highly flame retardant. Suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C. Can be installed safely in hot climates. Not suitable for use in high temperature regions due to short-term heat resistance.
Application effects Absorbs sunlight. Does not reflect it. Reflects a large amount of sunlight, producing glare and creating traffic risks to cars and airplanes.


3. Please do NOT bend the semi-flexible solar modules more than 10 degrees and easily mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, or any other irregular surface.

Note: Please do not reverse bending flexible solar panel when you receive it and install it. When the solar panel reverse bending, the solar cells may be damaged for stress concentration on the cells, and solar panel’s output current will reduce.

4. At only 2.5mm thick, the solar panel is powerful, waterproof, lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment. Can be installed conveniently and mounted safely on mobile surfaces such as motor homes.

5. Perfect for curved roofs and surfaces where bonding is possible. Panels can also be secured by bolts or screws for further stability. Most customers install them on caravans, campers, yachts, boats, cars, and other vehicles.

6. Comes with professional color packing.

7. Solar panel size and the junction box location can be customized by customer request.
Electrical Information:

Peak power: 100W
Solar cell efficiency: 17-18%
Maximum power voltage: 18V
Maximum power current: 5.56A
Open circuit voltage: 21.24V
Short circuit current: 6.11A
Power allowance range: +/-3%
Maximum system voltage: 500V
Values at standard test conditions: Air Mass – AM1.5, Irradiance – 1000W/m2, Cell Temperature – 25°C

Material Information:

Laminated for weather resistance
Laminated with aluminium+ ETFE + Silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar
Solar cells: Monocrystalline
Dimensions: 1245 x 550 x 2.5mm/49 X 21.7 X 0.1 inches
Net Weight: 2.71kg/6 lbs

Back sheet: Aluminium
J-Box: IP 65 rated


10A 12V/24V Solar Charge Regulator/Controller







1. 12V/24V Automatic identification by system.
2. A key button control output operations, simple and easy to use.
3. The improved 3-section computing method can weekly give the battery a
Balanced charging. It can stop the battery from being unbalancing and vulcanizing
and let the battery been used for more time.
4. The controller is equipped with the serial PWM charging main circuit with
additional 3%~6% efficiency than the non-PWM circuit which can work for more
time and increase the using period of the system.
5. Built in temperature sensor with high precision temperature compensation.
6. Provide USB interface for mobile phone or other mobile devices.
7. Visualized LED display which can let the users get to know the conditions of
solar power and storage battery.
8. Overcharge, over discharge and overload protection; Electronic short circuit
protection; Reverse connect preventing protection.
9. Lightning prevention.





TWO 5m meters MC4 cable with connectors

One cable with female connector,another cable with male connector
100% Brand New, TUV, water-proof, green energy!











Use them to extend module output cables or cut anywhere along the wire to obtain the needed length of male and female cable to run from string of modules to a combiner box or to a longer cable.
TUV certified, brand new, water /weather proof rubber seal that can ensure excellent electrical contact for life time service.
Nominal Voltage: 1000 V DC
Temperature rating: 40C up to + 125C
Ambient temperature: 25 years
Electron-beam cross-linked compounds
UV and ozone resistant
Hydrolysis resistant
High temperature resistant, the materials do not melt or flow


100w 12v Semi-flexible solar panel
1 x 10 solar charge regulator
2 x 5m cable with connectors

Charge Controller


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