Magnum ME-RC50 Remote Control


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Magnum Energyremotepg
Remote Control for all Magnum Energy Inverter/Chargers

The Magnum Remote is designed to be simple to use while offering full menu features for set-up.
Non-volatile memory: Your settings are saved even if the power is disconnected.
Easy-to-read: The large LCD screen and at-a-glance LEDs display the inverter/charger status in a straightforward way. Soft keys give simple access to menus and a rotary encoder knob makes it easy to quickly scroll through menus and select settings.
No cross platform confusion: The ME-RC remote is the same remote
used on all Magnum inverter/charger models in the ME, MS, and the RD Series lines.
Multple functional settings: The Remote offers multiple functions in one place, including: inverter on/off, charger on/off, shore power breaker settings, Automatic Generator Start (AGS) control, meter button, setup, and technical menus.

The remote allows you to customize the operating parameters of the inverter/charger, thus maximizing performance and increasing the life of your batteries. To help save energy, the automatic power saver mode turns off all LEDs as well as the LCD display five minutes after the last soft key has been pushed. The display will “wake up” with any keystroke or whenever a change in operational status occurs.


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