Lensun 100 Watt 12 Volt Portable / Foldable Solar Kit


100 Watt 12 Volt Ultralight Portable/Foldable Solar Kit with MC4 connectors. Perfect for camping or other off-grid use.

  • Folds-up into compact bag 22.8 x 16.6 x 2.2 inches, only 1/2 of normal aluminum frame folding panels. Unfolded dimensions are 50 x 22.8 x 1.58 inches
  • No frames or glass, Durable, Ultra-lightweight, 7.5 pounds, only 1/5 of normal aluminum frame folding solar panels.
  • Extremely efficient monocrystalline solar cells encased in ETFE laminate. Providing up to 18% efficiency.
  • Easy to set up, easy to carry and easy to store. Can be used anytime and anywhere.
  • Constructed with the latest ETFE laminating technology. Absorbs more light and is more durable than cheap PET laminated panels.
  • Four grommets for mounting and innovative metal leg support, keeps the panel at optimum angle for maximum performance.
  • MC4 connectors make connections a breeze.
  • 10 amp solar controller with usb connector maintains battery health and charges devices like phones, tablets, go pro’s, cameras.

Model: LS-100FD-MC4
Rated Power Output: 100W
Optimum Operating Voltage [Vmp]: 18V
Optimum Operating Current [Imp]: 5.56A
Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 21.24V
Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 6.11A
Cell Technology: Monocrystalline Solar Cells
Solar Cells Efficiency: 18%
Production Tolerance: +3%
Output Type: Solar Cables, Solar Controller
Dimensions(unfolded): 1300 x 570 x 6 mm
Dimensions(folded): 580 x 440 x 60 mm
Net. Weight: 3.7kgs
All Technical data at standard test condition AM=1.5, E=1000W/mm, Tc=25℃
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