DURAlite Solar Battery Chargers

Designed for mobile power users, these slim, lightweight, portable solar chargers are available in 5, 10, and 20 watts. They offer almost double the power of conventional thin-film solar panels.

Unlike permanent solar options installed on RVs and boats, DURAlite Solar Chargers can be put out in the sun to charge a battery and then stored for later use. DURAlite modules are made from a laminate of fiberglass and sunlight-resistant polyester film and are virtually unbreakable. Mobile power retailers can now access this exciting market with a quality, rugged solar solution for maintaining starting batteries in your vehicle or boat.

Features and Benefits:
  • durable, impact resistant and light-weight
  • easy to mount to any flat surface with grommets in each corner
  • built-in blocking diode
  • 10’ UV-rated cable with a 12-volt automobile-style socket plug


Rated Power 5 W 10 W 20 W
Peak Current 0.3 A 0.6 A 1.2 A
Working Voltage 15 V 15 V 15 V
Open Circuit Voltage 19.6 V 19.6 V 19.6 V
Dimensions 30 x 28 cm
12″ x 11″
48 x 30 cm
19″ x 12″
56 x 48 cm
22″ x 19″

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